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It is through art that we communicate what it feels like to be alive.
And when you ask me "What is the point of art?" I would answer : "What is the point
of human beings?"

Leyla is a prolific Expressionist painter who engages colour in all her work. It is through  her independence from too many educational establishments that  artistic freedom was achieved and the ability to  express a fragment of feeling, a memory or an impression in an un-prescribed way and a flow of creativity allowed to emerge.

Every painting reflects that journey of introspective  spontaneity during which the artist engages all her senses.  Every work is a product of unique creative experience.

Artists that have influenced Leyla are : Rauschenberg, Larry  RIvers, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Chagall, Jean Philippe Dubuffet, Anslem Keifer, Sigmar Polke.
Her work can be viewed in a number of reputable galleries in UK, private collections in USA, Spain,Ireland UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Leyla's work has received some excellent reviews from Saatchi  Gallery , she has been chosen as an artist of the month on several websites and has exhibited at the prestigeous The Mall Galleries in London.
Her work is currently being shown in seven galleries all over Europe.

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